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Full Version: Why so easy to spam MyBB? What to do?
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I have open a forum with MyBB and it took about 2 day after it was registered on Google to get spammers!!?

MyBB seems to be a solid software, why is it so weak in the security department?

I have read multiple threads about what to do and it always involves a lot of add-ins. Thay are however not vary new recommendations so what is the best solution now 2013 to lose the spammers?

MyBB forum that i have opened is small and is only available in Sweden(I do not have any checks on this however).

I can add that I have built my own forum software before and in 6 years only got 1 spammer. I supose that the spamboots finds known components in MYBB and uses them? Is there really now way to handle that?
MyBB is a widely used piece of forum software and spam bots are trained to bypass its defences.

Take a look at this thread for plugins which can help prevent/nuke spammers:
Edit: delayed post
we suggest to use just a couple or triple of spam prevention plugins - not the whole set.
a signup questions plugin (with your own set of questions & answers) and a spam analyzer & combating plugin should suffice
Thanks, could you maybe suggest a "pack" to use?
It's not that MyBB is easy to spam, it's because the software is popular and will get found quickly by the low lifes.

There is no pack and like @M said don't go to mad and add them all, it's up to you to choose which you think is best.

But if it helps I use:

Play around with the ones you choose and see what you think is best.
I also recommend Stop Forum Spam + Registration Security Question. If used wisely (proper SFS configuration and custom easy question[s]), they're almost impossible to break through for spambots and they don't really affect user experience.
Will it help to replace the copyright with an image?
It didn't help me, honestly.
(2013-09-18, 06:07 PM)Niggidea Wrote: [ -> ]Will it help to replace the copyright with an image?

Somewhat. There are some bots that crawl the internet looking for "Powered By MyBB" and spam them. Just changing it to "Forum Software: MyBB" or similar should do it, though. Just remember, it's got to be clear that MyBB powers the board to get support here. Wink
With Xenforo it is even worse - or it used to be, I don't know about the latest version and if they addressed any of the flaws.
What I want to do when I launch my (MyBB) community is to require making a post somewhere before being able to post threads, users without posts will get auto-pruned after X days.
Let's see if the spam bots can handle that.
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