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Full Version: specified thread doesn't exist
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When users in any group apart from Admin view a thread with 25 replys (forum setting) on the bottom of the page it will show an extra page.
if they click on this it will show the specified page does not exist error.

On the index page if someone clicks the last post link they will be taken to the last post but with an extra page number showing at the bottom and top of the thread
If on the sub forum page it will show the extra page number next to the title so clicking there takes direct to a does not exist error

merged from a phpbb3 to 1.6.9 then upgraded to 1.6.10

google seo plugin htaccess file updated.error persisted even before installing this plugin

have done every recount & rebuild as suggested through various threads I've found & read dating back to 2009.

using hostgator for hosting.used their 'quickinstall' from cpanel for 1.6.9

would a fresh install of 10.6.10 fix this or would there still be some error carry over hanging around in the database somewhere?

when i merged the only user that was merged was the admin account.not sure if thats related to why i dont see the error but everyone else appears to?a newly created account also sees this error

if i change an old account from registered to admin they will see the extra page in forum list view but when viewing the thread will not see an extra page number at the bottom of the page.
group issue?permissions are all the same from what I can see?

Made a new thread slipped in 26 posts
Forum display shows 25 posts 2 pages.Seems to function ok?
But still errors on other threads
you have to give test user account so that someone can check it.
however it might require temporary admin panel access (if you can wait a couple of hours - may be for
3 hours from now - then you can PM me temporary admin account)