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Full Version: Make post text smaller, and change font.
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[Image: 10elq1w.png]

Basicly, I would like to find out how to change that font, I've fixed all the other fonts but this one was hard for me to change.

I would also like to know how to make the invisible text box smaller. Now it's like 10 pixels away from the border, but I'd want it even further away. How would I do this?

Thank you.
you can add required font-family and font-size for .post_body class in the global.css
for example, below css style code can be added at the bottom of global.css (edit in advanced mode)
 .post_body {font-family: verdana;
font-size: 10px;}
hard refreshing of browser is required (eg. press CTRL + F5) after adding required style code & saving the style sheet

edit: which invisible text box you are referring ?
[Image: UPyZiSN.png]

I mean making that space even bigger. (I marked the space with double arrows, pretty bad ones lol)
^ find blockquote in the theme's global.css - it has margin:0;
change it as margin:0 20px; save global.css & check the topic page by hard refreshing browser
That's perfect, what do I have to edit to change the normal text too? Not only the quotes?
^ you can add similar margin for class .post_body (example --> .post_body {margin: 0 20px;})
No difference Sad
^ can we have your forum url
^ please provide a test user account
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