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Full Version: Convertion problem with posts
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I did the convertion all fine,but i kinda had 3k+ posts,and now it shows i got 1,5k.i did all rebuilds etc
Can you take a look into a database, in mybb_posts table, to see how many posts is there?
Ok i will take a look,but before that do i need the big table debug logs or i can delete it?
You should not delete it.
Just check the last id of post, and you'll see how many posts is there. If there is less then you had on your I guess SMF board, then something is not ok with script, and we've to see what is it Smile
You didnt get admin i had 3,700 posts only me,but now after convertion it shows that i got only 1,7000 posts
Ah, you didn't said that above, so I thought we're talking about general posts statistics. Did you recounted user posts? Also, find your username in mybb_users table, and under column postnum please take a look what is there?
I've converted from SMF few times, and I never had this issue.
same saying in db also.
i did everything
Strange. 2 days ago, I've converted Pilot's SMF database to MyBB, and everything was ok. By the way, what you've done with threads conversion error? How did you avoid that problem?
i didnt had any thread convertion error,only in permissions.

finally what to do with it?
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