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Full Version: Auto-lock thread after period of time
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I would like to know if there is a plugin that could auto-lock a thread after a specific period of time.

I mean when I create a thread, I want to add for example 7 days and automatically lock the thread after 7 days of its creation.

Thanks in advance,

you can try using forum cleaner plugin
There is an option called "Delayed moderation", you can find it in Inline Post Moderation, under your posts. Choose that option and you'll see, there is huge list of options Smile

More about it:
.m. sorry but the plugin is not working properly for me, thanks anyway Wink

Jovan J. I think this is what i need... I put a thread to auto-close in one day(the minimum) so I ll wait until tomorrow to see if it works and I ll change this thread to solved.
Thanks Wink