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Full Version: Problem with posts converting from vbulletin
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I've spent the last few days trying to convert one vbulletin 3.8 forum to MyBB.

Everything worked fine except for posts. I see that I have the same number of users and forums. If I go to a user and click to see his posts, it works fine and it lists threads where user has posted with correct title. But if I try to get inside a thread nothing appears.

I had on vbulletin 30,335 threads and it's the same number after merging to MyBB. But on posts I had 380,616 on vbulletin and on MyBB I have 410,951 posts.

Can it be because of enconding? Should I had removed first forum that is created when I installed MyBB?
Take a look at the link below.
I did that. Threads appeared right but posts didn't.