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Full Version: delete topic 3000 page---> time out
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in my forum
I have several topics that has 3000 pages
when i want delete these topics this get me time out
and when I erase these from database the topic erased but the posts stay in database
is there any query that i run in the database that erase posts and topics?
Do you remember the Thread ID? If you don't remember the TID then go on to Google and search for the thread. Once you find the thread, view the cache version and click "View Full Version". It should say the thread does not exist but look at the top of your browser in the URL area, it should display the TID.

If you know the TID, run the following query in PHPMyAdmin.

Quote:DELETE FROM mybb_posts
WHERE tid='7';

Replace 7 with the Thread ID.

To run the query: Log in to PHPMyAdmin>Click on YOUR DATABASE>SQL

Be sure to download a backup of your database before running the query above.