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Full Version: Board Promo's is hiring! (Devs & Mods)
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Forum Name:Board Promotions
Positions Available:Moderators, Developers
General Duties: Moderate posts, Move advertisements to the correct section. Deal with discipline, Answer questions and of course provide feedback on future products.
Dev: Create new forums, fix issues, Report to members upon their problems. Create new content.

Template: (You will be declined if you do not use it!)
What can you offer:
What coding languages do you know (To get some actual decent mods):
How long do you plan on staying with the site:
Can you use Skype?

Simple Bio:

Do we get paid? To answer that question only admins will receive payment, if you become an admin you will receive $25 a month. until the forum grows larger.
Developers: will receive payment upon the work they do.

The site is NOT nearly finished.
Just a reminder to those who's posts I deleted, replies to threads in R/S/J are limited to serious offers only and not critiques of the offer.
We are now looking for Developers, For little plugin projects, fixing a few forum issues. If you want the job you should know what a developer is. I have updated the application for the job.
(10-08-2013, 03:17 PM)Blu-Ray Wrote: [ -> ]If you want the job you should know what a developer is.

Developer, by definition, writes code. He does not do odd-body forum-related tasks that a board admin should be