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Full Version: upgrading
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Hello, my first post here. I "may" have other issues to discuss but they can wait for later.

OK - my dedicated server host uses the Plesk control panel ... and my panel version is the most recent. In it is a one-click-install for MyBB 1.6.2. Is there a simple way to upgrade it to 1.6.11?

J. Alec West
there is no simple method to upgrade. turn off forum temporarily, and upload MyBB 1.6.11 files by overwriting
earlier installed files and run the upgrade script. after completing the upgrade ensure that everything is working
normal and finally re-open your forum.
This is why I don't like these one click installs -.-
Using autoinstallers is not recommended, you should have just installed 1.6.11 manually. Takes 5-10 minutes and isn't hard at all if you follow install/upgrade guide carefully.
Well, I haven't installed the forum yet. I was about to. I just wanted to make sure I upgraded to the most recent version before it went live. So, since I've not yet invoked the "one-click-install," I'm in the perfect position to do a manual install. I'm just hoping my server "likes" it (grin).


J. Alec West