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Full Version: Option to prevent displaying unactivated accounts?
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I really like the option of displaying the Newest Member in the bottom of my index page. And also a memberlist with all members. But, it is annoying when bots (or whatever is the proper name) are showed without even having to activate their accounts. I'm running email confirmation activations, but I don't think this has anything to do with it. Would be nice if accounts aren't displayed as long as they aren't activated completely, but still showing them in the ACP for the admins giving them an option to manually activate/remove or just monitor incoming registration attempts.

If this is possible to achieve already, please tell me how to.
Sadly this isn't include in MyBB (even newly banned members will show up under your new member area). Try posting this in the suggestions for 1.8 and/or 2.0 so that the developers will see and know that you would like this.


You can make a custom plugin and replace the areas that you want with this plugin's information (which would remove awaiting for activation and banned members) from showing up.