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Full Version: The Unread Reported Post warning is appearing when it shouldn't
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Hi Smile

Basically on my forum, it reports no unread reported posts when I check them. However, the red warning keeps popping up saying that some are unread. This is happening for myself and I believe all of my staff as well.

Any thoughts on this?

Someone did report a lot of posts yesterday, but none of them are actually in the unread reports page (possibly because another staff member marked them as read? I don't really know fully how it works).

Does anybody know how to fix this?


EDIT -- Oh, and we're running 1.6.11. Upgrading from 1.6.10 did not fix the problem Sad
From the Admin CP, try going to Tools & Maintenance > Cache Manager and rebuilding the reportedposts cache
Darn... it's still coming up even after that.

Good idea though.

Also, it seems to come and go regardless of whether I actually click it or not. I can refresh the forum and it's there, and then refresh again and it's gone. And then fairly quickly it just pops up again on a subsequent refresh! It seems to be literally completely random.

All the while, no reported posts in the unread list.