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Full Version: Moved forum to new server - errors with login/cookies
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I recently purchased a vps server that I am intending to use for our current forum.

I followed the below guide on how to move the forum onto our new server. I didn't run into any issues making the backup or moving any of the files over.

I also edited my config and settings files to reflect sites new ip and updated cookie settings.

Now when I try to log into my site it automatically throws me back out to the login page, using incorrect details it tells me the login info is wrong.
When I try to login to the ACP it will login fine to the index. Whenever I try to navigate anywhere else in the ACP it automatically logs me out.

I have searched the forums and did everything down to a T mentioned in this thread.

All the above issues are still happening and I'm not sure what else I can do.

I have followed everything mentioned in that guide, cleared my own cookies, and used this tool.

My current url is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I own the site with ISO, any support is greatly appreciated.
I think using an IP causes problems, I don't think it can always set a cookie properly, people have had problems with it in the past.
Indeed, you have to forward domain to the VPS.. Where are you hosting it,at what VPS provider? DigitalOcean have their own DNS servers.. So you just need to update NS records and to setup apache block to listed for the domain..