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Full Version: Simple Select and Order by 2 Columns (MyBB Database Class)
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I'm trying to select all teams in the league and order them by their wins, and then by their amount of ties. It's only letting me put in 1 order clause.. any help?

This is what I currently have that orders by JUST wins.. the column for ties is 'record_ties'.


$db->simple_select("teams", "*", "`league` = '".$db->escape_string($_GET[id])."'", array("order_by" => "record_wins", "order_dir" => "DESC"));
You can just pass it in as a string.

$db->simple_select("teams", "*", "`league` = '".$db->escape_string($_GET[id])."'", array("order_by" => "record_wins DESC, record_ties DESC"));

Also, I'd change:




All POST and GET data is available in $mybb->input, some common parameters are pre-sanitised too. Using $_POST and $_GET directly is kinda messy, just make sure you've globalised $mybb in your function.

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