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Full Version: How to show posters location?
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How can you have the location of the poster to show on the post under the posts count( or around there) in the upper right hand corner. I cant find it.


you can follow guidance from this --> Adding gender and other things to the postbit
(in general, location field id is 1)
Thanks m again bit I am having trouble getting the location BELOW the posts count


This is what I have

{$lang->postbit_posts} {$post['postnum']}
	{$lang->postbit_joined} {$post['userregdate']}
^ you can put a break line code <br /> after {$post['postnum']} (like below)
{$lang->postbit_posts}{$post['postnum']}<br />
<strong>Location:</strong> {$post['fid1']}<br />
{$lang->postbit_joined} {$post['userregdate']}
Thanks m. That works I had to switch the location to the top because it would leave a gap between "posts" and "joined date" if there was no location to show

Thanks again!