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Full Version: Day and month in Delayed moderation
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Hi all,
I would like to know if there is the possibility of having the day and month in "Delayed moderation".

For example: December 29 I want the thread to be moved to another forum.
I now have to calculate, there is the possibility to directly select the month and day? and activate it automatically when I create a thread (or a user creates new thread)?

Because I add 10 or more threads every day about offers and similar, and all threads have an expiry date. If there is this possibility it would be wonderful for me.

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad English
nobody? Sad
I'm afraid that there is no way in 1.6 to set delayed moderation for a specific date. Hopefully this will be added in 1.8. But for now you will either have to request a plugin or continue to calculate the number of days. Smile
Thank you, so I hope in 1.8 Big Grin because in Calendar it's ok, there's Date format.

I hope also Search function will be improved in 1.8, now on 1.6 often I search a thread but I don't found it Sad I have a forum about promotions, contests etc so duplicate threads aren't helpful.
Or add a function that when a user writes title of a thread, forum automatically searches if there is already a similar thread ? Like on Yahoo Answer? :x

thank you