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Full Version: set the right permission for forums!
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I have a VIP section in my forum..i set the permission of this section for members to view only the forum but i have a problem in the main page here is a screenshot :

[Image: 657837Untitled1.jpg]

Even there is some threads there.

What i want is that the threads shown in the main page but when a member click on the forum he will find a restriction
If I am not mistaking it means that you have no threads not replays!
This is the problem i have a thread and i have a reply!!!but it doesn't show Sad
Are we talking about Guests or Loged-in users?

Put "Can view threads within forum" back on let see what happens
It's logged in users!!
Put "Can view threads within forum" back on for registered users
i did it..but then the user can enter normally the threads and download stuffs!!!
Who has access to VIP forum then?
VIP members, mod and admin only
Uncheck "Can download attachments?" option for all the groups except VIP
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