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Full Version: Pin threads on a time limit
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I want to know if there is a plugin already or if someone can create this plugin. I want to keep the sticky feature of mybb for threads that need to stay at the top always, but I would like to have a pin feature where my donators can pin threads moving them above none pinned threads for a certain amount of time then it will unpin itself. The pin threads will be below the sticky category, but it will be in its own category, so you have to click to enter the pinned threads area. Admins and mods should also be able to pin threads but admins can override how long a thread stays pinned or just remove it..

Sounds complicated but I like the idea. Thanks for any replies.
I'm looking for something similar.
Be able to offer pinned threads for donations where the pinned topic will have a timelimit and automatically get unpinned.

Thank you
Doesn't sound all that hard, I might be able to whip something together.
Sounds good Starpaul20.
I would prefer to have this as automated as possible and when a member donates the topic will be pinned/unpinned automatically and not have to wait for me to add it manually. (But I don't want the separet category sonar wants).

Thank you
(2014-02-01, 07:29 PM)Starpaul20 Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn't sound all that hard, I might be able to whip something together.

Did you ever end up working on this?