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Full Version: Slate-Tech / Mybb 1.2.x Theme
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Theme Name: Slate-Tech
Version: v1.0 Final
Compatibilty: 1.2.x
Description: Darkish-Grey

Screen Shot: Preview 1

This is the last theme I made for mybb,as I don't have the patience to make any more. Also the skinning support is very low. There will only be an updated version with the fixes on it. Too many spam members registered, all the accounts on my forum have been cleared out, and I did a fresh new install. I've also added this theme to mybb mods forum. so its only downloadable there.

realy nice theme! can i release it on mybbdesign?
umh, reg before down
it is not my color choice but this theme can be good for clan sites
[email protected] Wrote:realy nice theme! can i release it on mybbdesign?

No, I want only want it be in one place

killed Wrote:umh, reg before down

The site is up,its just that I started a new board