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Full Version: [F] eccepting avator without select any pic for the avator from the Gallery
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in the UCP, under change avator, go to the Defult Gallery, then press Change avator, without select any picture, the right thing, It's must show you an Board message, to tell you that " you didn't select any pictur, and you have to cancel this action or back to select picture, but it's not do that, It's just give you an error picture like this one, look at my avator!!!!!

I don't know It is a little bug, or it's a problem we can fix from the ACP

All the best,
That is interesting! I have confirmed it on my forum. It just defaults to the avatar directory but doesn't assign any avatar file. You would think you'd get an error message instead! Big Grin
I mean board message, to tell the member that he have to select any picture or cancel this action!!, I think that the right thing must be
What if you didn't want an avatar? If you wanted to remove it? This is intended I believe.
But it doesn't remove it! In IE it puts a red X instead of totally removing the avatar. I don't think that's intended!

Besides, there IS a remove avatar option!
ah. I'll look into it after I finish watching season 2 of '24' which I got for Christmas. lol Toungue
LOL...yes, we must have priorities! Toungue
lol verry funny guys Toungue
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.
Fixed file attached. Upload to your root folder.
You need to editor your templates to get it to show the error message.
Go to your template section, click on User Control Panel Templates and click on usercp_avatar_gallery.
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Add below:

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