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Full Version: Best to keep backups? plugin or task manager?
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Well, I wanna be on the safe side and keep backup on both FTP files and the Database. It would be nice if it were a backup about every 2nd day to begin with and later when I got my forum bigger make it once every day.

Those files I would like to be saved on my root FTP server or sent to Google Drive, Email or something.

What's best to use? a plugin or the task manager that already is inbuilt?

I checked this plugin:
And in reviews somebody says it's XSS bug and that the forum can be hacked?

On task manager, I can only find to backup database, I wanna backup the files too.

Any tips?
Much better off to use the backup solution from your host and download the backups locally or to a remote location. This will ensure you can restore everything, files, DB, emails, etc. with proper permissions, owners, and such

if your host does not offer proper backups, find a new one. That mod I am not sure if it is vulnerable or not, and it is better than the simple DB backup in MyBB, but its still not ideal.

Plus once your site gets large, the number of files and DB records grows and the script may time out. With a host backup, those are not an issue.
Oh alright, then I may just leave it to the host. I just read on my hosts website that they're performing daily backups.
you should get confirmation and then ask how you can make your own and download them regularly
Well, just to give an alternative, is also a greay way to just auto backup out any pain.
I always personally use the backup of my host rather than MyBB but it can always end up corrupted no matter which you choose so if your really patient do it all Big Grin
Be aware that when a host claims that they perform daily backups, those are not always available to end users. Make sure that you know ahead of time what your host's policies are on backups and restores, rather than waiting until its too late.

Furthermore, you don't know how safe your host's backups are: I've seen hosts that host backups on the same server! What happens if the drive corrupts? Goodbye to both your live site and the backups. Make sure that they're off-server.

Regardless, you should always be taking occasional full backups and storing them on a home computer. If you can't guarantee access to a reasonable backup of your site at any given time, it's your own fault.
Oh and with codeguard for anyone who uses it and has problems with the database locking, move everything to innodb (PM's and Posts) it will solve the locking issues