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Full Version: Boardstats counter wrong
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Boardstats says:

70 users active in the past 999 minutes (2 members, 0 of whom are invisible, and 65 guests).
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65 guests is probably correct but there should at this specific moment be 12 active users online - only 2 of them are shown and the counter never exceeds 5-7 for a brief moment and then drops to 1 or 2.

The complete list does not show them either.


The installation i only 1 md. old
Version: 1.6.11 (1611)
Use "Recount and Rebuild" option or maybe even "Cache rebuild" ACP>>Tools and Maintenance
I did and it didnt make any difference but I think after experimenting a little that if two users from the same IP address logs in, the user list is reset to bots only.

As users are posting the list builds up every time some one moves around at the forum, but the moment a user from the same IP as one of the other loggod in users, the list is reset. There are a number of other situations where the list is reset but I havent figured out when and why yet.

This can not be normal behaviour....
recommended Who's Online Cut-off Time is 15 minutes. 999 is a huge number to get normal statistics!
I know. It was just to make sure that none of the logged in users timed out from the counter as it is the counter that behaves strange, but even though I set it to 15 minutes it still drops to 1 or 2 when a new user uses the same IP address as one of the previous logged in users. In other words, if I log in or out all the other users in the office disappears from the Who's online list.