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Full Version: Private Poll/Public Poll
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I think that whether its a Private Poll or a Public Poll, Administrators should be able to see which member voted which choice.
Absolutely, hell, moderators should be able to as well. Awesome suggestion xiaozhu. Smile BTW, you do know about the "Who Voted" plugin, right? ideas about that(Ops!) but I think that should be a core feature rather than a plugin >_>
xiaozhu Wrote:I think that should be a core feature rather than a plugin >_>

I agree.
MyBB 1.4 will show administrators and moderators who voted for which option in the detailed "show results" page.
Will it be possible to disable it?

As in an option, not editing code.

Or through editing code/options be able to specify which forums this happens in?
I think there should also be a per usergroup setting.
Yeah, if one admin wants to make a 100% secret poll with other admins.
Per usergroup is the best option. So admins wouldn't know (or would? this could be an option too) other admin votes, but would know mods. Mods the same.. And both of course would see users votes.
Or even, just know who voted on that poll, but not on witch option.