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Full Version: Link to Free Chat Site
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Not sure if I put this in the right spot but here goes.

My site isn't able to support a chat box. We have more then one chat plugin installed but they don't work anymore. From what I can the package I have with my host doesn't allow that kind of processing. The next larger package is out of my price range.

As I can't have a chat on my site I want to link a free chat site to mine like ParaChat or chatango. If possible I would like a page on my site with the chat box. If not then just put a link in my menu. For some reason I have two chat buttons in there already and I wish to get rid of them.

So I am not sure how to do this or what free chat site I should use. I am open to suggestion on other chat sites.
Go to Admin Control Panel > Templates & Style > Template
Select the template you wish to edit and click on Options > Expand Template
Find "Header Templates" and click on Expand > Options [header] > Full Edit
You should be able to delete those two chat button from there if you know HTML. You can also put up another link to your chatroom from there.

This should work on most the themes but not all.