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Full Version: SubBlack Shadow and Light Edition
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Enjoy my firsth theme. I work lot of time this theme. Working 1.2.2



Don't remove any of the Copyright links!

if you want download original smile of this theme download
I cant insert userstar.gif on postbit. Insert images/ folder star.gif
[Image: stardp9.gif]

See Details of this theme visit my homepage

Maybe you find bug write me.
(I forget insert jump.gif-include now)
great theme man, realy will done, but you forget little thing, would give us the psd files for the header and buttons please? Keep up work we looking for more,
All the best,
Excellent. Superb. I find no fault in it.
Ok i give button.psd file.[attachment=5070]

Sorry i have only blank logo.
Amazing. This is one of my favourites.
The registered user class doesn´t because they are in black too
How to change that color?
you should change the menu icons
where do i change the color of the users?
registered users are in black and don´t show in this theme
its easy.

Admin CP>> Users and Groups >> Manage Groups >> Registered >> Username Style >> you use font color code

sample :
<font color="#FFFFFF"><b>{username}</b></font>
Thnx The Turk
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