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Full Version: Limit chars in spoiler
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I have a problem with the content in spoiler - has a limit: I can write only 69799 chars. One more and post is empty. The same content write without the spoiler is correct displayed.

Limit chars in posts: 1.000.000

Settings MyCode:

<div class="spoiler" style="padding: 3px; background-color: #CBDDE5; box-shadow: 0px 0px 3px #4E97EF; border: 1px solid #d8d8d8; font-size: 1em; width: 100%;" ><div style="text-transform: uppercase; border-bottom: 1px solid #CCCCCC; margin-bottom: 3px; font-size: 0.8em; font-weight: bold; display: balock;"><span onClick="if (this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display != '') {  this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = ''; this.innerHTML = '<a href=\'#\' onClick=\'return false;\'>ZWIŃ</a>'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[1].getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none';this.innerHTML = '<a href=\'#\' onClick=\'return false;\'>ROZWIŃ</a>'; }"/><a href="#" onClick="return false;"> ROZWIŃ</a></span></div><div class="quotecontent"><div style="display: none;">$1</div></div></div>

Please, help me!

iirc that would be a database limit, not a mybb limit.
Thanks for answer. My settings from table mybb_posts in attachment.

"message" has a mediumtext type data, mediumtext = 16,777,215 limits

I don't know what is wrong...

Now, I try send post without other than [spoiler] MyCode. Max length is 100015 characters, so:

[spoiler]100016 characters wihtout other MyCode[/spoiler] - empty post

[spoiler]100015 characters wihtout other MyCode[/spoiler] - normal post


This is the solution: