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Full Version: HACKED all index.php and index.html over written
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My site was hacked by someone claiming to be “wolf wanted 2011” and leaving an “id” [email protected] which looks like an e-mail address.

The message on the affected pages is " Hacked by wanted 2011. Don’t panic. we are not hacker. we are only test security of your website." It seems all index.php and index.html [and a few .gifs] have been overwritten by these mostly 12032b files – has anyone else encountered this hack and found a way to remove it?

One of the pages affected is the ADMIN CP which won’t allow me to log in.

My database seems unaffected.

What I was thinking of doing is dump the whole file structure on the server and upload my local copies. Do you think this will work and the site still function? My initial index.html home page is fine – the problem happens when I try to access the forum.

I’m using MYbb ver 1.4 [I know - I should be using 1.6]

Thanks in advance for any ideas/solutions on how to solve this.

Bill in Mexico
Thanks for the link! We have everything worked out now
(2014-03-13, 05:47 PM)gtobill Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the link! We have everything worked out now

Glad to hear that.
Truth is they are hackers, they breached your security without your consent. What plugins are you currently using?

I would follow the link that Destroy666 shared with you. Make sure you have your MyBB software upgraded to it's latest version next time as the version you were on could have been the reason your forum was compromised.
ask your host. They managed to get through into your hosting account.