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Full Version: 1146 - Table datacache doesn't exist
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I recently moved my MyBB forums over to a new host, and I copied all of the databases and files. When I try to enter my site, it gives me this error:

1146 - Table 'wg_wgmybb.wg_datacache' doesn't exist

It was working fine before, so i'm positive that I didn't change something right when I made the switch to a new host. Wrote:Database: MySQL
SQL Error: 1146 - Table 'forum_mybb14x.test_datacache' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT title,cache FROM test_datacache
Information: This occurs when you are using MySQL and the database table prefix is incorrect in ./inc/config.php. To fix this, open ./inc/config.php and check the entry for $config['database']['table_prefix']. If you do not know what needs to be here, contact your host provider.
Thank you, that fixed it.