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Full Version: user registration email pattern (block)
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It seems, that only simple glob type patterns are allowed upon specification of email patterns that are not allowed to register.
Recently, there are quite many registration attempts with email addresses à la [email protected].

Can I specify regexp type expression in order to exclude email addresses with e.g. more than two dots before the @-character? Resp. can I simply modify the source code to use regexp pattern matching?
You're free to make any modifications you want. Weather they'll be put into the main package is up to the do the devs though.
What you do is you on the email check sql,

replace(email, '.', '') = replace(Input Email, '.', '')

Or something, it will replace all the dots on the where thus making it easier for you to keep out the dot trickers.
Gmail ignores dots in the local portion of email addresses ([email protected] and [email protected] go to the same user), but the dots [b]are[/i] significant for other providers. I've looked at making a plugin to standardize email addresses, but it either requires editing core files or losing the user's desired format. In a perfect world, we would have two fields: the way the user specified it (including dots and capitalization), and a standardized form. The standardized form would be used to compare against banned email addresses and seeing if the same address is already used by other users. The user specified format would be used when sending communication and would be visible in the UCP.