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Hi all,
I changed my subdomain's name, pointed the server to the old working subdomains's ip etc. I also put a new data base. Now I am getting this issue:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1146 - Table 'bbsmunazire.mybb_datacache' doesn't exist
SELECT title,cache FROM mybb_datacache
Please contact the MyBB Group for support.
it didnt fix it

I think it is because i deleted the stuff in my cache folder..

wow this community is so unhelpful....considering phpbb now :/
Quote:wow this community is so unhelpful....considering phpbb now :/

I'm not sure what you expect... It's 2am and you received a reply within 2 minutes of posting... Huh

You need to look inside the bbsmunazire database and check if the tables are there. If they're not, you need to either restore your backup to that database or edit ./inc/config.php and fill out the correct details.
Ok I am working with my host provider thanks.

Where is my domain name setting stored in the data base? My host wants to know this
In the mybb_settings table.

EDIT: Specifically, the bburl setting.
too late, I am very ignorant and impatient person. I have moved on to simple machine as it works with go daddy. Thanks for trying!
I'm not sure you're going to get very far if you switch to another piece of software every time you encounter a problem. You could have simply tried reinstalling MyBB if you didn't mind losing your current data, you could just as easily have encountered the same problem if you were using SMF initially.