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Full Version: after transfer of forum
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Hello there

did that now I get a new error message this is the error message

[Image: Capture.jpg]

Could you help me please on how to fix this problem Smile so I can get the forum working Smile

So, you relocated your mybb files to another host?

Well, my guess would be that you have to recreate the sql tables, or just backup the ones you had.
ok I will try again by the way it on the same host

edit deleted and tried again and this error

[Image: error_transfer_2.png]

forum url is

you can go there and see the error how do I fix I Tried everything
Go into phpmyadmin, is your database called a2336202_forum?
I will take a look cheers


Did take a look and all looks fine

here is a screen shot of what it like in the phpadmin

[Image: table.png]

I need a solution to this problem asap I need my forum up and running asap

Yep the restore seems to have failed to take up some of the tables so you'll need to get a hold of a backup and try again.
Ok will try again

not working

edit tried again

Solved how I fixed it was going to cpanel of old domain copying the backup off the domain and put it in and works

thanks for your support