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Full Version: Postbit buttons, Quote button.
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Hello there!
I am administrator at this forum: and I'm experiencing some problems.

First of all, 2 days ago I installed a new theme/template on the forum but something was messed up with the Postbit buttons. (Bg color - Font color)

Screenshot: [Image: EHpzJlE.png]

Second of all, the quote button isn't working, what can I do for this? If someone presses 'quote' on somebodys else post, it will redirect him in the post a reply page, but, the
isn't there. Just a blank box.

Third of all, can you tell me how can I make the background of the forum to fit with the screen size? What do I mean? Take a look on the screenshot below.

Screenshot: [Image: vxGPvoy.png]

NOTE: In the second screenshot, I have a problem w/ the background of the forum(wallpaper or w/e it's called), I just zoomed out so you can people see it.

Hope someone can help me get these fixed!

Thanks for reading,
ACP >> Post Bit Templates >> postbit_multiquote

Change the image and make sure the JavaScript is OK
I fixed the problem with the postibot color..

Now I've problems w/ the background of the forum..(that only the half part is filled)
And w/ the quote button that it won't work as it's supposed to.

Can anyone please share w/ me the Javascript for the Quote button? Thanks