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Full Version: hide site / password protect / private forum
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Hi all.

I've had a search through the community and although found plenty on hacked sites and bots, etc, I didn't find anything on making my forum private and / or password protected in order that ALL content and access would be hidden from public / guest and only available to registered users.

I know from another of my sites (Wordpress) this is possible and it works. Is there something available for MyBB to do the same job? a Plugin?

Can anyone help?

@ Vanz, that is only for the first category / forum

@ Pathfinder,
navigate to below location in admin panel and remove required permissions for Guests & save the settings

Admin Panel >> Users & Groups >> Groups >> Guests >> Forums and Posts (tab) >> Viewing Options
Thank you to both of you, Vanz and .m. REALLY great help and job done!
Everyday is a school day ..... always learning.
Much appreciated.