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Full Version: How to disable snippet in templates on certain subforums?
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I have a widget that shows the number of people in the forum on my footer template, but I wanted to stop it from appearing on private threads, for privacy concerns. It even showed private date copied from one of those threads.

I have conditional templates installed.

I have used already something similar to not show ads for moderators, like the code below

Quote:<if in_array($GLOBALS['mybb']->user['usergroup'], array(4,5,6)) then> stuff for usergroup 4,5,6</if>

But how would I do the same to exclude some subforums for the html snipped?

Thanks a lot for the help
I would really appreciate if someone would give me a help.
So.. You want to check forums in footer template, right?

If yes, try this:
<if !in_array($GLOBALS['fid'], array(1,2,3)) then>display in all forums except fid 1,2,3</if>