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Full Version: fourm Page error
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hay guys wonder if any one can help me i put a new theme on my site and now the bar you have down the left witch has your name and avatar its has now changed its at the top going long ways.

Is there any way i can change it back to be down the left hand side
can you show your requirement with an image and can we have your forum url
see the bar now at top would like it back down the left hand side
it appears that you are referring to postbit layout. there are two types
one has user details at top and the other has user details at left side of the post message

postbit layout setting exists at the showthread settings of admin panel and also at the user control panel options.

your referred issue appears to be due to the option deselected at user control panel.
user control panel >> edit options >> Thread View Options --> Display posts in classic mode
thanks m8 sorrted now