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Full Version: Upgrading from 1.4.11
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Hello, I have an old version of MyBB. When I run a version check I am told that I am running the latest version, 1.4.11. I cannot find any option that allows me to update to 1.6.

Is there any easy way to update? Is there any danger of losing the information on my current bb? I am hoping that if update my editor will start working again.
There's a guide to upgrading MyBB here: [Docs: Upgrading]

You really should really keep up to date with the latest releases. MyBB 1.4.11 was released over 4 years ago and is no longer supported, and your forum is at risk if you fail to do so.

Quote:Is there any danger of losing the information on my current bb?

No, but you should create backups before attempting to upgrade.
I know I am extremely out of date, my forums when into hiatus for about a year and a half and after that I was intimidated by the updating process. Here is my progress so far.

I made a backup.

I downloaded the upgrade package.

I uploaded the entire upload package to my site overwriting the existing copies of the files.

The forums still loads to the old version.
I saw no blog post announcement. Not even sure what that is.
I tried running install but could not access it. So made some progress but now I am stuck.
If you uploaded the files correctly you wouldn't be able to access your forum - it would ask you to upgrade MyBB first. Make sure you've uploaded MyBB to the correct directory, and the files are actually being overwritten.
The files had not actually overwritten the original files. I copied them over successfully this time and everything worked. Thank you for all of your help.