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Full Version: Force newly registered users to read rules thread
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Is it possible to have every new registered user read the rules thread I created?
You can probably make them click the link and view it. Actually reading it is harder.
Place the rules in 'registration agreement'.
They're realistically not going to read them either way, your rules are most likely similar to every other forum, more advanced ones are different. If someone violates basic rules that exist on almost every forum, then they're blatantly doing it. Something in the registration agreement saying that by registering, they agree to your rules (rules having a hyperlink to your rules). A link in your footer to your rules would also help.
I agree with you completely, Rymax.
Thats why my community rules thread has only one line:


and for your signature concept I took a step ahead and used this, a very popular one:

[Image: 3X5iY.gif]

who doesn't like animations? :p
Its easier to put the rules in a new page (I have a TOS and a Privacy Policy on separate pages) and have just a simple link during registration. I modified the registration agreement to be one line with links to the TOS and PP.

"By clicking the Continue button below, you agree to the Terms of Service (linked) and the Privacy Policy (also linked)"

Rules are in the TOS and if they did not read them that his their problem, but to register is is made as simple and clear as possible that they agree to them.