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Full Version: Time settings, get rid of pop up page?
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I was wondering, how can I display the time on the top right corner? I am using the BASSCode theme and it does not show any time, how can I add this?

Also, after every action, for example posting or pming a new screen pops up with something like "Thanks for doing this you will now be taken back to where you were" with a button with "click here if you don't want to wait any longer". I want to remove these entire pages, how can I do this?

The forum I am talking about is Http:// btw.
turning off those redirecting pages :
Admin Panel >> Configuration >> Settings >> Server and Optimization Options --> Friendly Redirection Pages --> set to Off

for showing the current time, code like below can be used in the theme's header template (below the logo code)
<span style="float:right;">{$lang->welcome_current_time}</span><br />