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Full Version: Merging icyboards database to mybb?
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I was recently hosted through icyboards. However, I've made the decision to go with hosting through Dreamhost. I have downloaded the .sql file of my database through icyboards. I already have a brand new working version of mybb installed on my host. I believe my next step is to use the merge system in order to get my database transferred over?

I'm not sure I put the .sql file in the correct place. My new working version of myBB is installed in /forums/ I have the .sql in /forums/merge/boards/mybb/

Is this the correct placement?

I've started running the merge system install. I'm currently on the Database Configuration step and I'm not sure what to input for the settings. Is this something I need to ask icyboards about?
write the entire placement you think, like

Please show that and i can tell you if your right, and i can help you more if you need.
Thanks for the quick response! I currently have it here:

An SQL file is simply a file containing the queries to create the database and its contents. You need to import the database first.
How would I go about doing that?
what is your website url? r u getting anyt errors? that is correct

What is your skype? I can assist you with taking your old databse sql file and uploading it to the new place.
My website URL is

I'm not getting any errors, I'm just stuck on the database configuration page. Do I need to get the
Quote:Database Server Hostname:
Database Username:
Database Password:
Database Name:

from icyboards or... ?