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PromotionBoss is not only advertising, but it is a place for webmasters to come together and chat! We have tons of topics for webmasters to reply to and even offer great services!
(2014-05-07, 02:44 PM)Alexander Evans Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn't look bad, but I honestly don't get the point in a site of advertising when the only members there are interested in advertising.

Not just a place to advertise but learn to become a better webmaster. You also get free services!
Come join up, PromotionBoss needs help with getting more active so come help!
Come join us for our 10k achievement!
Come promote your forum with us now!!
I'm closing this because you have posted your link more than 3 times. Please review the Showcase Rules
I am guessing it is opened again?

Thank you dragon! Smile
Feel free to join Promotion Boss! We are planning to arrange lots of cool contests soon.
The link .com directly shows a CSS3 slider... you need to add the /index.php to enter the site.

Check that.

Actually its our new to come renovated homepage, we are soon to get it fixed. Its soon to be a blog for our homepage and a forum as main.

PromotionBoss is holding our 2nd posting contest for our beloved members! Hopefully it will bring in more activity throughout the forums and help us become better in activity and gain more members! [​IMG]

Hope you all check it out! We are to have more contests in the future as well!
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