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Full Version: Need a little help in permission
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i wanna know how can i setup permission so that if a certain group got the the forum section he can see the thread titles but when he click on the thread then he will be redirected to a link?

Any who help will be appreciated
And what link do you want them to get redirected?
it will be VIP section so when normal users click it they can be redirected to upgrade page
Ask someone to create a simple plugin I just don't have time sorry!

Here is a plugin not tested so don't know if it'll work but I hope someone will fix it Smile


$plugins->add_hook('showthread_start', 'VIP');
function VIP_info()
	return array(
		"name"			=> "VIP member",
		"description"	=> "Users that are not in this group will be redirected to VIP page",
		"compatibility"	=> "16*"

function VIP()
	global $mybb;
	if (!in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'], array(3, 4, 6))) {
		header("Location:"); /* Redirect browser */


Remember to change redirect URL Smile

Or use:

if (!in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'], array(3, 4, 6))) {
		error("error message");