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Full Version: Forums not loading
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When I click to enter a forum from my index, the forum does not load. It just loads a completely blank screen, in fact nothing 'loads' it just instantly shows a blank screen. To test go to and try to access any of the forums.

New installation or upgrade (from which version of MyBB)? - I am using the latest version of mybb.

Test user account (if it requires additional permissions) - testacc / test1234 (although you shouldn't need an account to view the problem.)

Screenshot or error text, verbatim - No need, you'll soon see my problem with a few clicks.

Thank you in advance to anybody that can help.
Have you tried replacing the file forumdisplay.php with the one from this ZIP?
Thank you very much, this is all I needed. I am not sure what went wrong since It was working fine one second and then broken the next. Again, thank you.
No problem. Smile