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Full Version: Additional Group Image vertically
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Try changing the postbit view from classic to horizontal.
How to?
You can change it in the user control panel or you cn change it in the ACP. In the ACP

Home >> Board Settings >> Show Thread Options

Quote:Post Layout
Allows you to switch between the classic and new horizontal layout modes. Classic mode shows the author information to the left of the post, horizontal shows the author information above the post.
Display posts using the horizontal post layout
Display posts using the classic layout

Choose to display as horizontal.
Did it. This happends now:

[Image: de91e-aaaaa-ef.jpg]
Images are probably too big. - link to forum please. Not too big..tried with smaller ones and nop.
Your site default is set to classic. Please provide a test account.

If you look in your postbit template (NOT postbit_classic) you will find this line

{$post['usertitle']}<br />

Change to
[Image: de91e-aaaaaa-fe.jpg]
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