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Full Version: Facebook Chat Clone (Details updated)
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Ok this has sat without a single comment either public or private. Would any of you be interested in doing this for hire?

Installing XMPP Chat Server/Client
To expedite collaboration and enhance esprit de corps of my MyBB users I'm also proposing that someone undertake the creation of a plugin to streamline the installation of the install of the "Jappix Mini", a browser-based 1:1, One to Many (only for admins), or Group format that rests in the footer of the browser and facilitates conversation while allowing one to move from page to page within the forums more or less as a "Facebook Chat Clone" which is Jappix description not mine although it's an apt description. The key feature being that one can peruse the Bulletin Board's forums and the chat client will follow you along the same as the chat client on Facebook. One critical feature that this client has that Facebook lacks is the ability to have several distinct, persistent chat rooms. There is no concept of chat rooms in the Facebook Client.

The two things that need to be done are make the install "local only" which means chat is restricted to only those chat clients within the MyBB installed domain or subdomain. If that isn't done then there is no point in having people register and login to your Bulletin Board in the first place. Interestingly enough you have the option of local client configuration but wide open but hosted by Jappix. I've chosen to set up my own BOSH server. I've selected the Prosŏdy iM Server to be installed on top of a standard MySQL database although Prosŏdy doesn't require SQL server to function.

For my use I want a local client configuration and local hosting on my own server. Only registered members of my forums will be able to use it. Without too much trouble, it should be possible for the MyBB User authentication to automagically pass through from the login to the Mini Client so that their name is already populated in the chat window as they arrive. Lastly I would like to see the appearance of the XMPP client repressed until the User login is completed. Failing that I would be interested in stripping down the portal page and use it as a firewall/login to the rest of the form. A little security through obscurity never hurt anyone.

(A.) Create a script to automate the installation of Prosŏdy and connects it to the MySQL instance. I've learned that a single Prosŏdy Server instance can serve thousands of virtual hosts. Once again my contribution to whoever helps pull this project together is you get paid for your effort and you have free to access to my server as a local install for your MyBB installation(s) as I’m doing.

(B.) Create a plugin to automate installation of Jappix Mini Client into the MyBB installation. When I tried this before I ran into trouble because the client was only partially recognizing the CSS style from the theme I was using (I had a dark theme with white text, the Mini ended up with white text on a white background). At the time no one at Jappix had any idea what could be causing it. I've checked their documentation since then and now there is the following warning:

Why does Jappix Mini look strange on my website?
There might be some of your website CSS code which apply to Jappix Mini too. You should use class or id selectors instead of using global element selectors (for instance, you'd better select something with a CSS class rather than use its element name, like div).

Jappix is supposed to be a FOSS compliant application so I'd like to get at the insides learn how to better craft our CSS to customize the Client as an integrated part of a normal MyBB theme. That makes more sense than trying to get everyone who writes a theme to suddenly change how they are coding. We've got some sharp code-smithies here that I'm sure are up for the challenge to create a seamless look between the Jappix Mini and our MyBB themes.

Warmest regards

Auriel Sylviannai Kitsu