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Full Version: MyBB Integrator minor issue...
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Hi all, im using phpdave's MyBB Integrator and its great! Everything works pretty good except this weird issue..

in my auth class file (for my own website member system) i have:
global $mybb, $db, $cache, $plugins, $lang, $config;
define('IN_MYBB', NULL);
$MyBBI = new MyBBIntegrator($mybb, $db, $cache, $plugins, $lang, $config);

Once I log into MY website using MY own users DB and i try to goto the MyBB forums it does not auto-log my account in -- ALTHOUGH, once i log into the forums using my same credentials then log out of forums and log out of my site..delete all cookies and then sign back into MY website and go to forums it THEN auto logins me into the forums perfectly...

So is there suppose to be an intial first signin to the actual forums and then it will autologin from there on? Or did i do something wrong?

Oh also forgot to mention.. in my auth class file upon successful login i have:
$login_status = $MyBBI->login($username,$password);
if ($login_status == true)
    echo 'You were successfully logged in';
    echo 'The login routine failed';

And it also says "Successfully logged in..." so not sure why it doesn't autologin to the forums unless I do it manually first then the autologin works from there on...

Thanks in advance.

Seems to work actually.. once i log out of my main website account then re-login then everything is good... weird.. something on my end..

i will investigate.. please disregard this post!