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Full Version: Hardcoded styling in usercp php
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In usercp the draftcount has a hardcoded bracket around the number of drafts

$draftcount = "(".my_number_format($count['draftcount']).")";

If the brackets are not there then the variable can be used in a css selector to hide the manage drafts buttons when there are not any drafts.

The line should be

$draftcount = "".my_number_format($count['draftcount'])."";

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.
Thanks, we'll look into this.
No need for the quotes, just $draftcount = my_number_format($count['draftcount']); would be fine.
But yes, this is a good suggestion.
Hard-coded HTNL is suppose to disappear in 1.8. At least that was the plan from the time I remember.