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Full Version: FluxBB to MyBB??
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Does the merge system support FluxBB v1.5.6 to MyBB?

My webdesign development forum is running FluxBB v1.5.6 and i would like to convert it to MyBB cause i have been working on my MyBB custom design for a little while. I have to do a few changes to my design before i can use it on MyBB as it is but I would like to know if the conversion is possible or if i have to start from scratch.

Thanks guys.
Currently there is no Merge module for FluxBB. But you can convert firstly to SMF then to MyBB, as people usually do.
Ah ok, Thanks for the reply Smile

I just did it the simpler way, There wasn't many posts anyways so i just installed MyBB into a new directory and coped everything over manually. Smile