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Full Version: Bad Installation and need advise
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Seems everything went smootly and the install was a success!

When I tried to open the forum (index.php) it gave me an error message:
"/home/dansmark/public_html/D2LC-Forum/inc/languages/english/global.lang.php does not exist"

I think I made an error in the Board Configuration Page.
How do I change that page?
Or do I have to go back throught the whole install process?

Have you checked to see if you've uploaded all the files correctly? Looks like you missed some of the language files.
That files there...

I'm thinking it was the "/home/dansmark/public_html/" in the Board Config. Page.
Maybe it should have been "" or with slash.

Is there a place to edit the Board Config, Page?

Well I tried to delete all the files and re-install from scratch, but the floders & files in "inc/languages/english/All-files" won't delete (and they are ALL null).
I've tried changing the c-mode on them all and deleting them (they dissappear and then are somehow re-created!)

So I can't do a darn thing with this MyBB forum...

Can anyone help?
I guess I can delete the database too, maybe that will help?

I finally got it installed correctly...

1st) The problem was the pathway to my files were incorrect (like I stated in the 1st post above!).
2nd) The files I memtioned above wouldn't delete (still don't know why, so I had to create a differnt directory).

The "fix":
I deleted the whole directory on my c:\, then recreated another directory with a different name and copied all MyBB files to it.
Next I copied them all through my FTP client to my web-site directory.
Then I deleted my database and user-name.
Re-created database & user-name.
Then I re-installed MyBB (but this time I found the correct pathway info on MyBB's web-site).
Now it's up and running and works correctly.

Please Note:
You jumped to a (in my opinion) "quick & thoughless conclusion".
You never bothered to address the board confg. error and where I could change it (this might have cleared up the problem, but no chance was given).

This is for all that provide help:
If help is given, at least answer the whole problem, that might clear-up a misconception the person has, or in this case, a possible "quick fix to a lot of extra work".