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Full Version: Missing files...
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Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody ,

First of all sorry for my bad english because I'm french but I also speak english...

So I've downloaded the latest version of Mybb (1.6.12) at this link : "" yesterday , and after uploading the contenent of the "UPLOAD" file , I went on my site to install Mybb , following the general way = ,
The index.php appeard correctly but when I click on the "NEXT" button to go forward at the "Licence Agreement" page so I can continue installing , it redirects me to the "404-not found" page of my hoster meaning that there's a missing file...
I tried to delete all and restart but the same problem , can somebody help me please ?

This is a screen of the install folder on the FTP :

[Image: 529113mybb.png]

Hello , Iv'e fixed this error by contacting my web hoster , it seems that the problem is caused because the index.php file has a forbidden "proxy" string in it. So you should rename all proxy strings in it and now the installation should go trough normally.
Thanks for posting the "fix".