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Full Version: MyBB & Coppermine Integration
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Let me start out by saying the two systems are already bridged successfully. You have no idea what a miracle that is.

I have or had a straight up kind of guy who offered to do the integrating of MyBB1.6.12 as the “Front End” of Coppermine 1.5.28 as a favour.

Unfortunately his real-life has taken over all of his time and our site has pretty much been on hold since last hearing from him on 03-31-2014, 09:04 PM. I can see that he’s logging on and checking his site but he hasn’t responded to any of my requests for a heads-up on when or if he’s going to be able to finish the job. I make no assumptions about what is going on in his life but I don't appreciate not taking 30 seconds to tell me that he hasn't got time and I should look elsewhere for support.

Is anybody interested in taking over?

I have the following plugins unzipped and ready to be FTP’d into their respective locations on the site. I have no idea which of the plugins is supposed to be installed first. I'm only guessing that it should be Wrapper.

If somebody knows for sure what order these plugins are supposed to be installed in, that information would be most useful about now. If somebody could help with tweaking the HTML and pHp code in order to prepare for the plugin installations I could really use your help too. Don't be shy. I know when I'm in over my head and that is now. I seriously need help with this.


Wrapper Tutorial
The tutorial assumes a level of knowledge about both MyBB and Coppermine that I don't have. I'd only gotten to Step 2 before coming to a full stop. You could say I have "Sixth Sense" about when I'm about to do something that is stupid and or is going to cause me pain.



This is the site in question...
Summerland Engineering Society

Coppermine Picture Gallery

I can create an account for you just let me know if and when please.