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Full Version: Thread Icon's Not Displaying
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I decided to change all of the gif icons to the png format. After messing with some code, the icons are not displaying on the threads. Can anyone help me.

[Image: thread.png]
If you want to be helped, you will have to post the link to your forum.
I see correctly the icons...
Yeah me too, try to clear your cache.
I had it set to a private template to test it. It is now the default template so you should see the problem now.
I see the icons - why are you bumping....
I figured out why you are seeing the icons, it's because I linked the home page. If you go to any of the sub forums (the ones that have the hot thread and has post by you icons), then the icons will disappear on the side. this forum is the same one I took a screen shot of.
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